Cosmetic Dentistry

Brilliant Beautiful Smiles

Get a brilliant smile with cosmetic dentistry services offered at Stuart Dental. When your smile’s not living up to its potential, it can make you feel less confident about exposing your pearly whites. However, cosmetic dentistry also has health benefits that extend beyond the aesthetic. From eliminating headaches to adding support for restorations, our cosmetic services always have your overall oral health at the forefront.

Restore your confidence and beautify your smile with any of the following cosmetic services.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers may be just the treatment you are looking for to deal with chips, cracks and discoloration in your teeth. After the surface of your tooth is prepared, a custom-designed piece of porcelain is bonded to your natural enamel. Veneers are virtually undetectable, and look and feel natural. All you see is a beautiful new smile. We also offer minimal-prep veneers, which require less preparation of your tooth prior to bonding. Let our staff help you determine which option is right for you.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Full-mouth restorations may seem overwhelming, but we take each step of the process one tooth at a time. We focus on the details, helping to address every issue inside your mouth. Full mouth restorations can correct excessive wear from grinding, or alleviate jaw pain and tension headaches. Our team is committed to crafting the smile you want, with the comfort you deserve.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is an option for patients who need additional restorations, but don’t have adequate healthy enamel to support them. From the comfort of our office, we expose more of your tooth below the standard gum line to seek out healthy enamel. Crown lengthening is often performed in addition to other services, and can help patients who suffer from gum disease. The procedure shrinks the gum pockets, making them easier to clean.

Gum Recontouring

Are you looking to make your smile more even? Our expert team skillfully reshapes your gum tissue to expose more of your natural enamel. This makes your smile appear bigger, brighter, and more even. We perform this service in our office, which makes it convenient as well and effective.

Composite Bonding

It’s the little things. Cracks, small gaps, discolorations and other small issues can be fixed with composite bonding. A simple service with dramatic results, our tooth-colored composite material is bonded to your teeth, repairing imperfections that drive you nuts. It’s a quick procedure and requires little to no preparation of your teeth.

Tooth Recontouring

Do your teeth overlap? Are there other irregularities that you wish you could fix? Tooth recontouring reshapes teeth that are too long or irregularly shaped. The smallest amount of recontouring can make a big difference. Fix the little things to get the dazzling, symmetrical smile you’ve been dreaming about.

Smile Whitening

Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile. Many of the things you do every day, like drinking coffee or tea, can discolor your teeth. Our take-home whitening trays are custom fitted to your mouth and are a quick and comfortable way to whiten. We use tray whitening from Opalescence and NUPRO Gold. Keep your smile shining with Stuart Dental’s whitening service.